SeeMore Putter Fitting day

On Sunday 2nd August I will be holding a SeeMore putters demo day.  Joining me will be Melvyn Fern from SeeMore putters UK and he will bring with him the full selection of SeeMore putters for you to try.  We will have 3 SeeMore SPi putting coaches attending to show you the SeeMore putting method and find the best putter to fit you.


The patented RST, known by a visible gun sight on the top line, allows the golfer to set up the putter perfectly each and every time in relation to the intended target line.

Simply line up the black bottom portion of the shaft between two white lines and hide the signature red dot on the heel of the top line.

The two parallel white sight lines frame the shaft and serve as an indicator that the golfer is in perfect position to make a consistent and reliable stroke.

SeeMore Video

SeeMore Video

Either call or message the proshop or me to reserve a time.




Quick update.

Quick update as my season is in full swing.   Custom fitting is getting very busy  at North Berwick GC but I always have space to add last minute bookings each week.

What’s proving to be the hot driver this season?


Well as a Ping G30 user I feel confident that the G30 can hold it’s own against anything on the market.  I have also been getting great results with the Callaway XR.  The reason I use the XR over the Ping is the superior adjustability.  I like to be able to adjust a driver to optimise performance but also I like to know that if my customer makes a swing change to fix a slice or a hook the driver can be adjusted to suit any swing changes.  The Titleist 915 range is also a great product.  One of the distinct advantage of the 915 is the no upcharge shaft offerings.  Titleist offer 4 shafts at no extra cost to really fine tune the launch and spin conditions and that makes my job much easier.

Feel free to call me on 07739 854 682 to discuss booking a fitting.


Review: Garsen Putter Grips

I have recently become the UK distributor for Garsen Putter grips.  You can come and test them at my new base North Berwick Golf Club, West Links, East Lothian, Scotland.

Garsen grips are unique as they have a spine down the front of the grip which when installed lines up perfectly with the face of the putter.  You grip the putter down the sides and and the “spine” down the centre of the grip allows this to become repeatable.  This is quite difficult to explain in words so I have borrowed the words below from Garsen’s website and take a look at their video.

Its patented, two-sided design, which places your hands into a neutral position, turns your elbows into your body and sets your shoulders back. This puts your body in a relaxed position and eliminates unnecessary wrist breakdown. This creates a more repetitive straight-back, straight-through putting stroke. Together, these characteristics contribute to a more confident putting stroke, which will lead to making more putts.

Review: @SeeMorePutters giant FGP

I have been a SeeMore SPi fitting centre for a number of years now and since joining SeeMore I have always had a SeeMore of some description in play.

My latest gamer is the Giant FGP.  I almost feel I should write this post in a larger font because as the name says this putter is BIG!  Don’t let that put you off though as nobody who has seen it so far has commented on this especially after they have holed a few putts with it.

Ok why did SeeMore make this putter?  It’s all about MOI, the wider you can make a putter the more it will resist twisting on off centre hits and the more on target your ball will be.  There is a limit though so you can’t just make a putter the size of a driver.

The Giant FGP is 28% bigger than the original FGP and that makes it really easy to align and square the face at address and impact.   SeeMore’s RST alignment system in this larger size is also really easy to use.

Call in and take a look and give it a try, after all Jack Nicklaus won the Masters in 1986 with an oversize putter.

End of a chapter 1. Start of 2.

Just a quick update.  I have now completed my relocation from the old Ben Sayers factory site at Tantallon Road, North Berwick.  You will now find me in the Pro Shop at North Berwick Golf Club, West Links,  North Berwick, Scotland.

My email and mobile will remain unchanged.

Thank you for everyone who supported me in The Space.

Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 irons

I seem to have been singing the praises of these @WilsonGolfUK irons quite a bit recently.  I added them to my bag about  two weeks ago and now have 3 rounds with them, two at Archerfield Links on the Dirleton course and one on Gullane No.1 course.

For a small headed “players” forged iron I am finding these incredibly easy to use, long and pretty forgiving.  The feel from a center face strike  is difficult to describe.  I guess the way I would interpret is the softest feeling almost like you didn’t feel anything.  i can tell when I have pured a strike instantly.

I am still to experiment with another shaft in these, currently they have KBS Tour stiff flex in them but I know I see slightly higher ball speeds when I drop to a lighter shaft so will be testing the latest shaft from Accra the I series Tour.  This shaft is a medium launching shaft with controlled spin, reviews of this product to follow in the next few weeks.


Testing my latest equipment.

Well as I mentioned in a previous post I have added most of my 2015 equipment to my bag now.  Just a recap then a brief review.

Driver.  Ping G30 currently with Accra FX200 60 M4 shaft

3 Wood.  Titleist 915F 15 deg with Accra Dymatch 2.0 MTF M4

Wilson Staff FG Tour Utility iron 24 degrees (4 iron)

Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 irons with KBS Tour shafts (waiting for Accra replacements to arrive) 5-PW

Wilson Staff FG Tour TC wedges 50,54 & 58 with KBS 610 prototype wedge shaft.

SeeMore PTM3 putter with Accra FX400 putter shaft and Garsen Pro Edge putter grip.

I took all of the above out today at Archerfield links on their Dirleton course.  I won’t talk you through every shot but consistently found myself hitting greens with greater regulation when I had put myself in a decent position of the tee.  A few poor tee shots or miss-hit approaches left me at varying distances to give my wedges a great test.

I played the Callaway Golf Chrome Soft ball today and had early concerns that it may be shorter of the greens due to it’s soft nature but that was dispelled on the first tee shot where I was longer than one of my regular playing partners leaving a 5 iron into the first and setting myself up for a nice 2 putt par the start the round.

So the result was very positive especially pleasing was hitting greens with 5 and 6 iron approach shots.  The FG Tour V4 isn’t a big head by any means but the forged feel meant I felt fully rewarded with my iron shots today.

Need to sort a 18/19 hybrid this week.  I think I know what I want.

I am really looking forward to the season ahead.


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