Fit for Purpose joins the Professional team at North Berwick GC

I am very proud to announce that I have become custom fitting partner to North Berwick Golf club, Scotland.  North Berwick golf club was founded in 1832 making it the 13th oldest golf club in the world.  The West links is a truly remarkable golf course consistently voted in the top 100 in the world (currently 51st)

north berwick west links crest

I will bring my service to North Berwick GC offering all members, non-members visitors and guests the very best advice and impartial recommendations.

We will offer fittings from Callaway, TaylorMade, Wilson, Mizuno, Titleist, Ping Miura and SeeMore putters.  You will be able to compare side by side all the latest equipment and build a set that really fits your game.  Why limit your set to all one brand?  The pros do because they are paid to but you are spending your own money so cherry pick the best products from each brand to build the best set that suits your game.

Callaway TM     Wilson    Miura titleist                   seemorePing

Custom Fit Vouchers for Christmas.

If anyone requires a great gift idea for you golf addicted significant other then a voucher for a custom fitting session could be the perfect gift.   For £30 you can choose any of the below sessions.  If you email me with your option I will invoice you and forward your voucher.

Option 1.

A custom fitting session could be used to test all the latest equipment and see what improvements can be made to your current set.  A one hour session would allow either a Driver fitting or an Iron fitting.  In a typical fitting you would try a variety of heads and shafts to find the best fit for your game.  In 2015 I will be offering fittings from Titleist, Ping, Callaway, Wilson, TaylorMade and Miura.

Option 2

Distance gapping session.  This is where you learn your true carry distance of each of your clubs to help give you more confidence on the course.   You will have a print-out from the launch monitor session to keep.

Option 3

Wedge fitting session.  Similar to a distance gapping session we concentrate on your  9 iron, Pitching  wedge gap wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge.  Most wedges can be adjusted so fine tuning the carry distance can be performed during the session.

Option 4

You tell me what part of your equipment you want to concentrate on.

When is the right time to change your equipment?

In East Lothian the courses stay dry enough in the main to play all winter.  I am too addicted to golf to put my clubs away all winter so I play all year.  It has become the “norm” to swap equipment in the off season that way you are ready and used to any equipment changes in time for the new year ahead.

Most OEM manufacturers will have released all their 2015 product line by the end of January.   February / March is a great time to be fitted for your new equipment.

At my studio in North Berwick I have Foresight GC2 launch monitor and an indoor net.  For 2015 I will be offering fittings from Ping, Titleist, TaylorMade, Wilson, Callaway and Mizuno as well as the component brands I have always used.

For 2015 I will be using a shaft fitting system called CMX OEM shaft fitting system.  What this does is allow you to compare OEM driver heads against each other with the same shaft so you can truly find the best combination for you.  Sure you can go and get a fitting at a OEM fitting center but will Callaway let you compare the Big Bertha with the R15? I don’t think so but I will.  Want Miura wedges, Titleist irons,  TaylorMade Hybrids/fairways and a Ping Driver?  Well you can here!

Use the clubs that allow you to play to your full potential and in most cases that will be a mixed set with bits from each of the major manufacturers.


Is it 2015 already? So much new stuff out there!

Ok, well as a self confessed golf junkie I,  like most of you love new golf gear.  In my quest to be the best informed and in return pass on my knowledge of the latest equipment to you my customers I research all new products and where possible test them.

There is no secret that we as consumers are getting fed up with the OEM manufacturers releasing too much equipment and our latest gear being out of date soon after it has been bought.  I do have solutions to this but this wasn’t the intention of this post.  You might be thinking that equipment retailers do well from new equipment being released every month but consider this.  You may be annoyed that your “new” driver is already out of date before you even really got used to it.  Well now consider the small retailer and pro shop.  We stock multiple brands and lines.  When something goes out of date we are stuck with out of date equipment.  The only people that gain from infinite updates are the manufacturers.

So here is my list of the last few weeks of equipment releases.

Callaway.  V series driver, Big Bertha Alpha and Alpha double diamond.  Big Bertha irons.

TaylorMade.  RSi irons  rumours of R15 driver but not until January.

Ping.  G30 but the G25 was at least 18 months old.

Mizuno.  JPX 850 range, again I don’t think anyone would say Mizuno release too much equipment.

Cobra.  Just released Fly Z drivers and updated there iron selection but this is a 1 year cycle.

Titleist.  915 range of woods but the 913 was 2 years ago so no complaints there.

Nike.  The full Vapour line but again 1 year since last release.

Srixon.  New the UK & US.  Full range  products will have a 2 year cycle.

I may have missed a few products but I think you get the point I am making.  If you want to ask how you can be less susceptible to out of date equipment message me for further details or subscribe to my blog to ensure you don’t miss an update.



Yardages are the key to a good bag.

I have added this from a recent Facebook post.  Ryan Moore won the CIMB classic last weekend and one of my favourite golf forums Golfwrx published his “what’s in the bag” (WITB).  I noticed that Ryan was carrying a 19 degree 5 wood a 20 degree hybrid and a 22 degree 4 iron.  So what about it? Well that is 3 clubs with only 3 degrees of loft between them.  Normally you would have 3 or 4 degrees of loft between 2 irons so you can understand why this interested me as a club builder.

Well the reason Ryan has done this is yardage gaps.  He selects his clubs based how far he hits them.  This is why a gapping session on a launch monitor is a worthwhile experiment.

This was my Facebook post.

Great example here of how the numbers on the bottom of the club have little impact on their selection. Ryan is carrying a 19 degree 5 wood and a 20 degree rescue then his longest iron is a 4 iron at 22 degrees. Thats 3 clubs within 3 degr See More

What’s in the bag? (WITB) video edition.

I often get asked as a club builder what do you use?  Well I use all the products that I offer to you from my North Berwick, Scotland custom fitting studio.  Everything and I mean everything I use gets adjusted to fit me.  Enjoy my video and post comments and questions below.

Equipment updates, 2015 bag being assembled.

Well its the time of season where all the major manufacturers start to release information of their 2015 line ups.  This can be bad for my business as customers start to think about putting away their clubs for the winter or hold off on equipment decisions until they have seen what everyone is releasing.

I am aware that plenty of golfers particularly wait until a product is at the end of it’s cycle to snap up a bargain but that shouldn’t stop you from being properly fitted for your purchase.  Most iron sets will have been offered with some degree of “custom fitting” options so even at end of season prices you should be able to still get a set that fits you correctly.  If your bargain new set can’t be adjusted to suit you then maybe they aren’t such a great deal after all?

Most of the component manufacturers that I work with tend to hold their products for longer cycles than the big OEMs which means your custom built clubs stay current much longer.  A question I am always asked is “how much improvement can there be year on year made ?”  Also with the limits imposed on drivers  how can this years driver be better than last years?  Well thats a whole nother post.

Well I have started to make some updates to my bag already.  First change was the Ping G30 driver.  As said in a previous post I am very impressed with the driver and don’t see how it will get bumped out of my bag in the immediate future.

I have also now added a new set of irons.  Adams Golf had been talking about the possibility of releasing a limited number of the XTD Tour irons which Ernie Els uses and helped develop.  Well a small number is now available.  I have put a set into play to replace the standard retail XTD cross cavity I was using.

First impression is very favourable, they have gone straight into play with some slight adjustments but expect I will swap out the KBS tour shaft for something a little lighter.   I will do a full review of these over the next few weeks but for up to the minute remarks on how this is going follow me on twitter or Facebook.

Lastly are my wedges.  I have been gaming the same Scor wedges for 2 seasons now and find them really easy to use.  They are getting a little worn now so will either just replace them with the same again as I know they work for me but not before I try some Miura wedges.  I hope to become a Miura fitting center in the near future and have heard amazing stories from Miura users.



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